Fraudmarc Pricing

Our mission is to make the Internet safer by securing everyone’s email.
Pick a plan that fits your needs.

Prefer doing all the work yourself?  Fraudmarc CE is the self-hosted, free and open-source way to do DMARC.


(yes, totally free)

For responsible domain owners with personal sites and low email volume.


$24.99 per month per domain

For low-volume email marketers and professionals requiring basic DMARC email insights and deliverability improvements.


Max performance
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For ESPs and companies requiring enterprise-grade security, performance, and support to implement precise DMARC, SPF & DKIM policies across one or more domains.

Free plan includes
These Great Features:

  • For personal domains
  • Basic DMARC reporting
  • DMARC record control
  • SPF Record management
  • Supports hundreds of messages per month

Personal includes
Free features plus:

  • For personal domains
  • Supports 5,000 messages per month

Professional includes
Personal features plus:

  • For startups up to 20 people
  • SPF Compression℠
  • DKIM Management
  • Email support
  • 100,000 messages per month
  • Fastest 1 hr DMARC reporting interval

Business includes
Professional features plus:

  • Automated DMARC, SPF & DKIM
  • Service for multiple domains
  • SPF Compression℠
  • DKIM Management
  • Advanced DMARC intelligence
  • Multiple users
  • Expert DMARC consulting & planning
  • Access to our ESP tools API
Optional Deliverability Services:
  • Planning
    Help customers with their campaign strategy via email, and regularly scheduled calls/meetings.
  • Ramp-Up & IP Warming
    Assess customer’s existing marketing plan and create a customized ramp-up calendar based on customer’s practices, data, volume and frequency of email.
    Recommend changes for adjustment of the ramp-up calendar based on performance monitoring and reputation metrics.
  • Ongoing Support
    Reputation monitoring and alerting, including blacklist remediation.
    Submit ISP tickets/Mitigation requests, and advice on corrective action.
  • Optimization
    Troubleshoot reputation and deliverability issues, provide recommendations for resolution if/where needed.
    Proactive alerts and recommendations based on assessment of customer’s email campaigns