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GoDaddy Instant Setup Instructions

Instant Setup Instructions For GoDaddy Users

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Great News! Your domain registrar supports instant setup of DMARC reporting and SPF compression! Get started today without any complicated DNS changes. But how? In order to set up a domain with Fraudmarc, you need to have control of that…
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Stop Spoofing Gmail

Stop spoofing Gmail!

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Almost everyone has a personal Gmail account, maybe two or three. But Gmail is not meant to be used for businesses to send email, even small business, even tiny businesses. Gmail obviously doesn’t want you to misuse their service like…
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DMARC forensic/failure reports

Failure/Forensic Report? What’s that?

folder_openDMARC, For Users
What is a forensic report? There are two types of DMARC reports. The aggregate reports and the failure reports (also called forensic reports). Data from aggregate reports are included most basic DMARC reports and can be viewed in Fraudmarc’s DMARC…
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Why Fraudmarc offers hosted plans for DMARC

How (and Why) Fraudmarc Plans Are Hosted

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You’ve added a domain to protect with Fraudmarc, Great! Welcome to Fraudmarc. The next step is setting up your domain with Fraudmarc. Here’s a little bit about how Fraudamrc works and why we’ve set things up this way. What does…
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Why you have to wait for DMARC Reports

Why You have to Wait for DMARC

folder_openDMARC, For Users
You just finished setting up DMARC for your domain. Congratulations! You’re on your way to securing your domain. Now, you have to… wait a little… We all hate waiting, but it this case it’s necessary to wait at first. DMARC…
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